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Weapons Handling

Weapons is a crucial part of Silat perisai diri training. To swing around a sword or blunt object is one thing but to skillfully maneuver a weapon as an extension of your body takes you a notch above the rest.


Street Defence

The know how in harmful confrontation. Aims to arm the trainer with easy to apply combat self defence tactics to get out of a sticky situation or live to fight another day. Applying certain strikes, locks



It is generally recognised that nearly all Asian martial arts have a common origin and some points of contact through the centuries, so it is not surprising that most of these martial arts exhibit some similarities.


Women Safe Defence

In todays current climate crime seems to only be getting worse. According to statistics by the Australian government in 2012 an estimated 17% (1,494,000) of all women aged 18 years and



Bullying is what every child dreads of being a victim of in school. Here at Southside Academy of Combat we train children into becoming confident, respectable and

About SouthSide Combat

Southside Academy of Combat trains silat forms of self defence. Silat dates back over 2000 years ago from the Majapahit empire of the archipelago islands of Indonesia. Until recently, Silat was not commonly known outside of Southeast Asia.

Because many of the island areas are rain forest and jungle areas with slippery terrain, the techniques are developed to be used on the ground as well as normal standing positions.

Street Defence Course

Southside Academy of Combat would like to introduce a 4 week street defence course. The course aims to get you efficient to defend yourself effectively in real life confrontation against an agressor. Training will include:

Reflex Movement
Devastating Strike
Evasive Techniques
Weapons Handling
Bone and Joint Breaking Locks
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