Until recently, Silat was not commonly known outside of Southeast Asia.

Because many of the island areas are rain forest and jungle areas with slippery terrain, the techniques are developed to be used on the ground as well as normal standing positions. Silat Perisai Diri also trains in the use of weapons especially bladed weapons. We train the weapons so that any weapon that is used becomes an extension of the body. In silat you are trained to be able to utilise just about anything as a weapon and incorporate it in your movements.


Perisai Diri is a Martial Arts Organization of pencak silat from Indonesia that was founded by Raden Mas Soebandiman Dirdjoatmodjo (R.M. Soebandiman Dirdjoatmodjo) on July 2, 1955, in Surabaya, East Java. The term literally means “shield of oneself”.

Perisai Diri fighters levels are divided into several levels, each of which taken within a certain time period. Broadly speaking, these stages are grouped in the Dasar (Basic) and Keluarga (Family) level.
Dasar level consists of :
– Dasar I, use white belt.
– Dasar II, use black belt
– Calon Keluarga, use red belt

Keluarga level, use red belt, consists of several levels which are marked with color strip on the badge on the left chest :
– Putih (white)
– Putih Hijau (white green)
– Hijau (green)
– Hijau Biru (green blue)
– Biru (blue)
– Biru Merah (blue red)
– Merah (red)
– Merah Kuning (red yellow)
– Kuning (yellow) or Pendekar Muda
– Pendekar

Stages silat Perisai Diri lessons consists of introduction, understanding, application, deepening and appreciation.
Fighter who has the skills to fight after learning martial arts techniques and breathing techniques should be given mental and spiritual education to become a virtuous fighter, who in Perisai Diri known as Kerohanian (spirituality) education. Kerohanian education given in stages to give understanding and learning about self and people in general, so it is expected to create a fighter who minded and virtuous steel, has a strong self-confidence, behaves gentle, and wise in thinking and acting. The balance between knowledge of martial arts and spirituality will make Kelatnas Indonesia Perisai Diri members alert and introspective, not arrogant, and at all times aware that on top of everything there is a Higher Power.

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